Chilli Hostel -best hostel in Poland

Hostel is such a specific thing. This is not a hotel, it is not an apartament. This is a place where we can find private rooms – without private bathrooms. This is a place where for a dozen or so zlotys we can find a comfortable place in dorms.

What is waiting for you in Chilli?

  • we have twelve private rooms that are simply beautiful. Private rooms are those where the price is charged for room,  not for single place. The rooms are single, double and triple. You can get marriage bed or  two single beds. In addition, almost all rooms have a sofa, a very comfortable sofa, which can be turned into an extra bed.
  • we have five dorms (12 beds). In these rooms we have built sleep boxes ourselves – such sleeping boxes, where everyone has their own lamp, plug-in and most importantly a curtain. We have got ideas from Japanese – they value compactness and privacy 🙂
  • shared bathrooms and toilets – showers for women and men separately.
    kitchen – a small, but allowing to reheat breakfast, free coffee from a coffee machine, brewed every morning and tea.
  • awesome reception team – the Chilli team are girls – crazy ones. We love other people, their stories and we are curious about every guest live. We do not allow anyone to be bored, if you come to us alone, we’ll drag you into board games in the evening, we’ll meet you, we’ll talk. It will be fun.
  • We also have a wonderful common room, right next to the reception
  • A clean and safe place awaits you, nice service, coffee and tea – and we are a stone’s throw away from the Wrocław Market Square 🙂
  • If you want to get to us, call and check available places and prices. We will take care of you in banking and you will feel at home.

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