About us

We are here for you,

Chilli is our second home. Every day we do much to make it better, more beautiful and awesome – all for you. Be sure, you will find new friends here. Glass of good wine, huge table and we can chat together all night. 


Travel with your best friend – dog, cat. We are pet lovers. There is always space for your pet. We treat them very very openly – be sure your fried will get a lot of hugs and play with us. 


master of disaster 😉
I’ve made, grown up Chilli and now taking care for it, as Chilli is my second home. I’m here all the time as I love the atmosphere and Chilli guests. My secret hobby is painting and the walls of the hostel is filled with my “art”. I host you and if any shortcome it is my responsibility

head of reception
probably you will meet me here, you’ll talk to me, if any complain it will be to me, and we’ll laugh together. I rule the front desk and it is up to me to take care of your comfort and crew. I know every nook and cranny of the hostel. I’ve been with Chilli for a long time. I do photography – for wedding photos – call me 🙂

receptionist at 200%
I am a go-getter kind of women and very open to people. I will always find a solution to your problem. I am a good soul of the hostel.You can talk to me, have a laugh. Privately I deal with
painting, art and study.

Receptionist from the bottom the my heart
At first glance, calm and toned down. But when you get to know me closer, you will notice that the devil is in the details. I love traveling and I’m curious about other people. I am in Chilli because it is an amazing place and here I fulfill this interesting part of myself.

Mr. Piotr
cleaning manager
I am responsible for the cleanliness of Chilli. I look after every room and sanitary facilities. Every day I make sure that you are satisfied. Chilli is also my second home. I’m at home there because it’s the coolest place on earth. I am part of this amazing team 🙂

Mr. Love me better
incognito boss
Love to lay down in a bed of roses. Happy to watch you guys every day, when you do your new friendships. Treat me well and you never be alone again. I will hug you in my mind all the time.🙂

the sunshine smile
Hey guys, good to see you….and then I welcome you with my famouse smile. Hollywood smile. I’m happy with my life, I really enjoy my time with Chilli. This is a magic place with awesome people. Let’s talk. 🙂

Sorry, me again. Like a poltergeist. I’m still watching you…..